Speaker's Bio

Amy Davies is the author of A Spark in the Dark: Illuminating Your Path to a Brilliant Career in a Reorg World


Fascinated by people and their collective and individual behavior, and captivated by the state of the corporate world, Amy began wondering how professionals achieve fulfilling and successful careers amidst a backdrop of constant flux.


Realizing it would take more than hard work, credentials and commitment to advance, she started exploring what it would take for businesses and individuals to thrive in this reorg world. She set out to answer the question: How do we manage a successful career when we’re constantly losing or changing jobs?


Founder of Reorg World, Amy and her team work with organizations through reorgs so employees feel empowered and the company remains profitable. She also teaches presentation and communication skills courses, enabling teams and individuals to improve their soft skills and achieve their ultimate professional goals. 

To book Amy to speak at your next event please contact info@reorgworld.com.

Keynote and Presentation Topics:

Job vs. Career: How distinguishing between the two can change your life and your outcome.

Unlock your Promotion Potential: Design a path for perpetual promotion within your company.


ILLUMINATE:  Form your identity, bring your whole self to work and live up to your fullest professional potential.


Present with Impact:  How to be a great communicator and speaker to be noticed, remember and understood.


Dealing with the Workplace Bully:  We thought we left them in high-school - we didn't - strategies that work!


Creating Maximum Impact:  If you can't have the job you love, love the job you're in...and do it with excellence!