Are You Reorg World Ready?

March 15, 2019

It’s an incredibly exhilarating time in history to run a
business and manage a career. 



We are experiencing technological advances at a speed and scale previously unimagined. Ever-evolving social media platforms allow for a level of connectedness and engagement that is both overwhelming and invigorating. Opportunity is everywhere.


But, it doesn’t always feel that way.


As the result of all this innovation and the pace of change, companies are in perpetual response mode, required to have eyes and voices everywhere on a multitude of platforms, in many cases across the globe. The skills a business requires to thrive today can change overnight.


This reorg world demands perpetual ‘skillset resets.’ The market can change quickly, and publicly held businesses have a fiduciary responsibility to their investors that cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately, this can mean companies must make difficult short-term decisions.


What does this all mean to the workforce?


Involuntary, perpetual career change should be expected as the result of recurrent mass layoffs, mergers and acquisitions and companies closing their doors. And it’s not only that companies are letting employees go, employees are leaving and changing employers and roles at a higher rate than ever before. This is not our parents’ or grandparents' professional world where one could be expected to or anticipate having a job for life.


Businesses and individuals must be prepared.



Rather than be surprised by layoffs or employees handing in their resignation, businesses and individuals must come to expect these outcomes and always be ready.


As an employer that means transparency and speaking to candidates and employees as though they are on one – two year contract. Anticipate transition and that an employee will leave after a couple of years. Ensure you have protocols in place, like a clear electronic filing system to make it easier for a new recruit to step into role and onboard quickly.  Design thorough, nimble, repeatable onboarding protocols. 


As an employee that means always be ‘reorg ready.’  Update your resume regularly, stay in touch with recruiters, be aware of the roles that are out there and businesses that are expanding and hiring, have a glowing LinkedIn profile, stay in touch with your network, even when you feel confident about your job. 


To learn more about being ‘resume ready’ click here, to learn more about preparing for an interview, read my article called, Storytelling Your Way to Interview Success.


Any employee can leave an organization at any time, and any employer can let an employee go in a layoff.


There’s really no time for sentimentality – we all need to be reorg ready.


I can help, and my services for individuals and business are designed for a reorg world.


Amy Davies is the Founder of Reorg World and the author of A Spark In The Dark: Illuminating Your Path To A Brilliant Career In A Reorg World.  If your business is planning a restructure or going through a reorg, Amy and her team can help with the people side of change and excellent, cost-effective outplacement.


Click here to set up a discovery call or send an email to



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