The Signal Flare Approach: Spark Your Job Search Success After a Reorg

January 17, 2019


Losing your job can make finding your next role easier because you are free to tell your network you are looking. 


It can be hard to know what to do first after you lose your job.  It can be a shocking and emotional experience, and it will be important to take care of yourself and reach out to your support network for help and advice

Once you're ready, I recommend taking the following steps to SPARK your job search success after a reorg or layoff: 




Reorgs and layoffs are so common (too common!) these days; there is no shame in being forthcoming about your situation.


I recommend:


*BREVITY: No more than a short paragraph.

*CLARITY: Identify the roles you will consider and in what geographic region.

*POSITIVITY: Getting emotional or overly sentimental will harm your outcome.


Here’s an example:


After 10 great years at “Company X” I have been affected by a widespread reorg. It was disappointing to leave, but I understand the business is going through tremendous change. I’m looking for a new role in Sales Operations at Senior Manager or equivalent level in the Greater Toronto Area. Please contact me if you have an opportunity on your team or know of an open role. I’d be grateful if you share this post out to your network. Thanks so much and have a great day!


Some ideas to include in your post:

- Your top 3 professional accomplishments

- The 3 things that you can add to a company or employer

- The type of role you are seeking

- A link to your unique LinkedIn URL


***A request to your network asking them to please share this post out to their networks or contact you if they are aware of any opportunities.*** PLEASE don’t forget this one!


Remember, your network can only help you if they know what you need. 




And I mean everyone in the region where you’re looking for a job.


Make sure to: briefly explain your situation; provide the specific types of roles that interest you (i.e. Marketing Manager, IT Specialist etc.) and preemptively give permission to forward your email to relevant people and hiring managers.


Attach your resume and include your LinkedIn profile URL.  Imagine this note being one your contact can forward to a potential employer and write it as such.  By doing this you are making yourself easy to help!  Remember to update this email group once you succeed in landing your new job so they don't continue to refer you.


Pro Tip: Many companies offer a “bounty” or a bonus to employees who successfully refer candidates for roles.


When I’ve supported my network of recruiters and HR professionals and find a great candidate for an open role they are incredibly appreciative. Don’t assume you are annoying your network. You may in fact be helping them!


You may be surprised who helps you land a new job. We tend to expect it will be our close friends and family who help us, but it’s often our loose connections (people we may not know as well) who come through, so be inclusive on this note. 


When I restarted my corporate career in Canada after moving back from the UK I sent out an email like the one I’m describing to everyone I knew in Toronto.


The responses I received were warm and encouraging, and I was contacted by a company the same week, and got a job (one I’d really wanted) within two weeks.


My ‘connector’ and I had never met!



Your career collateral can greatly help or greatly hinder your job search efforts. If your company has offered you the services of an outplacement agency make sure you make the most of this resource!


If you are unsure about your LinkedIn profile, here’s a link to a wonderful LinkedIn course that will set you up for LinkedIn success:


If writing LinkedIn profiles is not your "thing," the course creator, “social media guru” and LinkedIn profile expert, Leslie Hughes also writes (fantastic) LinkedIn profiles for clients.  Click here to contact Leslie.  


If you are working on your resume please click here to read my recent article, "Resume Ready."


All the very best with your job search!



Amy Davies is a career advancement and change management expert, insights executive and corporate trainer. She is the author of A Spark In The Dark: Illuminating Your Path To A Brilliant Career In A Reorg World.  To set up a free 30-minute career consultation click here or email

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