Start Your Year Off Strong: Sparking Your Goal-Setting Success

December 13, 2018


Your ability to set and achieve goals is critical to your outcome and will determine the level of success you achieve. 

Whether your intent is climbing the corporate ladder or climbing a mountain you will need to set long-term goals and milestones


Imagine trying to climb Mt. Everest without proper training or equipment?


Your career is no different – you will need the right tools and training to reach great heights.  To get you started on the right track I’ve developed a 2019 Planning Template which you can access here.


In order to succeed and achieve your 2019 goals I suggest:




People in the industrialized world have a terrible habit of accumulating and collecting stuff.  If you are a person whose house is full, and whose closets are brimming I suggest one of your first goals is to minimize. 


A garage and storage spaces packed with stuff will be a psychological drain and even if it’s hidden away that stuff will interfere with you psychologically and prevent you from achieving your goals


Think about a road being built, the first step is to clear a path. 




A great way to begin, if you’re new to goal-setting is to start simple with goals which are easily achieved and clearly measured


For instance, if there are television or Netflix programs that are a waste of your time and energy, a reality show for instance, make a goal that as of a specific date you will no longer watch that program and do not turn it on. 


That’s a relatively easy goal to set, it’s achievable and measurable, and succeeding will give you the confidence you need to set greater goals.




An incredibly important step and one that’s often overlooked is to identify what will get in your way.  Take for instance getting fit and STAYING fit (for anyone with health goals are recommend adding the ‘staying’ in there). 


What are your barriers to exercise?  Is it the expense of the gym?  Driving to the gym?  Is it time?  If these are some of your barriers be honest about them and work to overcome them. 


If time and driving to the gym are barriers, go to Walmart or Winners and get a mat and some weights.  Find workouts that are fast, challenging and can be done at home. 


www. has amazing FREE workouts that can be easily done at home.  Similarly, Beach Body’s 21 Day Fix includes short workouts that can be done at home with weights and a mat. 


Denying the barriers will only lead to failure.  Lean in to them and develop solutions.




By celebrating and reflecting on your success you are relaxing your mind opening it up to further creativity and success.  You are also training yourself to seek the rewards of success.  Rewarding yourself will make you far more likely to SET and ACHIEVE future goals.


If you’re just starting now don’t worry.  That means your time is NOW.  Forgive yourself for the past and move forward to a new year, a new you and a lifetime of achievement and success.







Amy Davies is a career advancement and change management expert, insights executive and corporate trainer. She is the author of A Spark In The Dark: Illuminating Your Path To A Brilliant Career In A Reorg World.  To set up a free 30-minute career consultation click here or email
















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