Livingroom Learning

Studies show that relaxation enhances concentration and performance and the brain thrives on novelty. The Livingroom Learning program provides the ideal atmosphere for acquiring new skills to enhance performance.

Both the materials AND the course setting are innovative – Livingroom Learning is an attitude and an environment. The sessions are informal and progressive by design with the option to run training on-site or in a comfortable home environment. This ‘boutique’ approach is perfectly suited to learning.

Courses are focused on SOFT SKILLS, including collaboration, communication and presentation skills.  They are designed for both individuals and teams, and tailored to accommodate all levels of experience.

So much of what stands in our way is fear.  Click here for my recent article  about mastering your presentation fears.

COURSES OFFERED INCLUDE: Presentation Skills for Beginners, Enhancing Your Presentation Skills, Storytelling and Effective Communication, Unlocking Your Promotion Potential and more...

All course content is designed and led by veteran corporate speaker and leading strategy and insights expert Amy Davies.

Amy’s vast expertise in delivering superior, proven public speaking training programs combined with a comfortable, informal atmosphere makes for a unique and memorable learning experience.