I'm prepared, are you?

We are living in a reorg world defined by flux and change.  Businesses and individuals, more than ever, need to find new ways to shine and it’s increasingly difficult to stand out.  My Livingroom Learning courses, Change Management, Career Transition and Advancement and Market Research services enable professionals and organizations to understand, navigate and successfully transact in a reorg world.  
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Livingroom Learning

Poor presentation skills and the inability to communicate effectively are the top reasons why professionals are unable to advance to the next level in their career.  Sales teams who lack these skills will fail to reach their targets. 

"I highly recommend Amy.  Her training is purposeful with immediate results!"


Market Research & Insights Consulting

Research budgets can be quickly overspent wasting thousands of dollars. Companies routinely burn through budgets and jeopardize their outcome missing opportunities to drive penetration and profitability by running ineffective research. 


"Amy brings a strategic sensibility to research and insights that elevates her skills far above the average." 

Business Meeting

Career Consulting & Change Management

A mismanaged career will mean lost opportunity, income and professional progression. Organizations who fail to plan for the people aspect of change will lose customers and profit. In a fast-paced and fickle world where change is the norm the people and businesses who succeed are those with a plan.  

Coming May 2019!

A Spark in the Dark: Illuminating Your Path To A Brilliant Career In A Reorg World, will be released May 2019. Spark addresses the question: How do we manage a successful career when we’re constantly losing or changing jobs?  

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