April 2, 2019

Inevitably, when the subject of workplace bullying comes up in one of my talks, audience members hang back afterwards or email to tell me about their experiences. Some of the stories are devastating. Depending on the severity and duration of abuse, victims suffer long-...

March 25, 2019

Losing a job as the result of a reorg is a terrible
and the stress can be debilitating.

Emotions run high and the uncertainty can leave us feeling as though we’re standing on a fault-line that could give at any moment. While I understand the difficulties job...

March 15, 2019

It’s an incredibly exhilarating time in history to run a
business and manage a career. 

We are experiencing technological advances at a speed and scale previously unimagined. Ever-evolving social media platforms allow for a level of connectedness and engagement that is...

February 27, 2019

As I send my children off to school adorned in pink shirts and accessories to promote anti-bullying and acceptance, I consider how far we’ve come to limit bullying and promote acceptance in the professional world.  The sad reality is when it comes to workplace bullies...

January 17, 2019

Losing your job can make finding your next role easier because you are free to tell your network you are looking. 

It can be hard to know what to do first after you lose your job.  It can be a shocking and emotional experience, and it will be important to take care...

December 18, 2018

The quality of your resume will have implications on your earning potential and opportunities for advancement. Here are some tips that will help!

December 13, 2018

Your ability to set and achieve goals is critical to your outcome and will determine the level of success you achieve. 

Whether your intent is climbing the corporate ladder or climbing a mountain you will need to set long-term goals and milestones

Imagine trying to cl...

November 28, 2018

The bullet-point approach to interview preparation is the most common.  Candidates jot down points about the relevant information they'll want to relay in an interview.  For instance, important information about the company where they are interviewing, their profession...

October 10, 2018

There is a certain level of understandable frustration that comes with watching from the sidelines as your peers and colleagues surpass you professionally. When you’re overlooked for a promotion, or routinely feel as though less-qualified candidates succeed in landing...

June 26, 2018

Dear Amy,

I’ve spent most of my career working on agency/supplier side supporting clients, now I want to make a transition and work on client side for a larger organization. What is the best way to move from a supplier side role to a client side role?


Client Side...

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