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Welcome to the reorg world.

The era of lifelong jobs is over. It’s no longer the norm—or even a possibility—to dedicate your entire career to a single employer. Now, the only thing that’s consistent is a state of flux. So how do you build a rewarding and meaningful career in an ever-changing landscape?

In this illuminating guide to career-building for the 21st century, career expert Amy Davies explains how to navigate and thrive in today’s fickle corporate reorganization culture. Through practical insights and skill-developing exercises, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in this new reorg world, including:

· how to map this new reorg world
· what to do in the event you are laid off
· the notion of a job vs. a career
· the concept of imprinting and how you can make a good first impression
· which soft skills matter most: your communication and presentation skills
· the “ILLUMINATE” process, a method for uncovering your purpose, who you are and what you want to convey to the world
· how to network with ease
· common career barriers, and practical and effective strategies to overcome them
· how to unlock your career potential, enabling your star to rise
· how to set your intention on your North Star and navigate toward it

Managing a career today can be overwhelming. This book is your spark, but what will fuel the flame is within you.