Amy Davies, Founder

I GET people.


My ability to understand what consumers and employees want, need and will do has guided and fueled my career. It is the reason I founded Reorg World. My mission is to spark the success of businesses and individuals.  

In so many cases, what companies and the people in them truly need the most is to enhance their team members' soft skills through training and develop a deeper understanding of their consumers through (meaningful) research programs. I am known for helping companies through change particularly reorgs.  My services focus on the people side of change and outplacement.

My Livingroom Learning courses focus on PRESENTATION, COMMUNICATION and COLLABORATION skills. These courses are FUN and ENGAGING (you won't be sitting around idly staring at a screen all day), they are taught by an EXPERT (me!) someone who has flourished in a corporate environment (I get it), and who is a regular public speaker.

Clients also call on me to guide and run their research programs when it’s crucial their business develops a deeper understanding of consumers' purchase behaviour, attitudes and beliefs. I have a knack for decoding data to uncover key insights, and am widely recognized for my ability to unify primary research and big data, and make it accessible across organizations. The research I plan and commission is different, thoughtful and effective. Rather than be satisfied with an answer I seek THE answer.

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