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Hi, I'm Amy.

I'm the Founder of Reorg World, the author of A Spark in the Dark and the CEO of First 30 Inc.  My goal is to help people and businesses thrive through change. First 30 offers outplacement services to restructuring businesses but I wanted to make sure I offer FREE resources to individuals. I sincerely hope you find the information on this site useful.  You are welcome to join the Reog World mailing list by clicking below. 
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A Spark in the Dark: Illuminating Your Path to a Brilliant Career in a Reorg World addresses the question: How do I manage a successful career when I'm constantly losing or changing jobs?  Spark offers practical, actionable and unique solutions to manage a successful career in the context of our reorg world.  You will learn how to manage difficult workplace personalities. Some of the content will surprise you!

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This site is regularly updated with content and free resources, including advice and activities to improve career collateral like resumes and LinkedIn profiles.  There are articles to help professionals become better communicators and presenters, and practical, honest advice about how to identify and address issues like workplace harassment and bullying.  Hope you find the topics helpful. 

First 30 Outplacement

First 30 Inc. provides outplacement programming to businesses who are restructuring. The First 30 program is comprehensive and engaging, relying on industry experts who share advice and resources. Clients will benefit from the ability to experience the program from end-to-end so they will know precisely what their former employees will be experiencing.  For more information click below or visit www.first30ready.com.

Fear of Speaking

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